The Difference

The Alliance’s primary focus is on increasing capital sources to support other community development entities.

The Alliance

  • We are aligned with capital
  • We focus on enabling and raising capital for the CED industry
  • Our clients (QFEs) are financiers and loan funds from A to Z
  • Our policies are associated with investors and capital sources
  • Our technical assistance serves investors and CD finance entities
  • Our core purpose is to increase capital and enhance deployment strategies for QFEs to support other entities to meet the needs of their target markets

Other Entities

  • Aligned with project and program implementation
  • Focused on industry specific areas, i.e. affordable housing, small business, micro, non-profit capacity building
  • Clients are non-profit community based organizations, small business owners, government entities, etc.
  • Policies focus on benefitting industry specific areas
  • Technical assistance geared toward direct service providers
  • Core purpose is to meet the direct needs of the organizations, clients and/or target market defined as part a mission